Śrem lies in the area of scenic beauty of forests, rivers, lakes and parks.
The lungs of the district are parks such as:
  • Gen. D. Chłapowski Scenic Park founded on 1 December 1992;
  • W. Puchalski Municipal Ecological Park established by a resolution of the Town Council of 8 November 1995;
  • Wielkopolska Insurrects Park - it is the oldest and the largest park
    in Śrem, its beginnings go back to 1888
  • Scenic-Natural Protected Complex “Łęgi Mechlińskie“ (”Wetlands of Mechlin”) - established in 1996 by the Town Council in Śrem at the formal request of the residents of the village of Kawcze.

In order to keep the region clean, the sewage treatment plant has been expanded and modernized so that it can meet the new demands and high European standards. There is a system of selective collection of waste operating in the district. Also the water treatment station and the composting plant contribute to maintaining the local environment.
What is more, various ecological campaigns, such as “How to easily segregate rubbish” or “Collect batteries – win lotteries” are organized, which aim at raising awareness and encouraging the residents to segregate rubbish in order to maintain natural environment and the beauty of the surrounding nature. Śrem has also joined the campaign called “STOP plastic bags” – The Town Hall distributed ecological bags among the residents to encourage them to stop using plastic bags.

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